Thursday, December 1, 2011

Brand New and Headstrong

The day after the wedding, the hubby and I came home to our home for the first time as Mister and Missus.

After hours of unpacking the first batch of wedding gifts and various boxes from home, we were pooped and very much ready to hit the sack. Then we realized that we were both extremely filthy, and neither of us wanted to sleep on our (brand new!) bed, mattress, pillows and sheets without taking a shower.

The solution should've been easy--except we realized that we didn't bring any towels from our (former) homes. That was our first problem. I mentioned to the hubby that we received a number of towels as wedding gifts, and he thought that it was just as good a time as any to use our (brand new!) washing machine and dryer.

The hubby bought a small sachet of detergent from the 7-11 located at the ground floor of the building.  He then brought out the manual to the washing machine and proceeded to figure out the settings. I sat at the very edge of the bed and patiently waited for a towel. It was about 10pm.

The towels came out of the washing machine about an hour and a half later. Our next problem was that the towels were still soaking wet. The hubby popped the towels into the dryer and picked one of the quickest settings on the machine.

At some point, I dozed off. Yes, my filthy self was curled up at the very corner of the bed. About an hour later, the dryer sang its joyful tune. The hubby opened the dryer to find the towels...soaking wet. I vaguely remember the hubby waking me up to report that he was going to put the towels back in the dryer for a little while longer.

How did this sad little story pan out? Well, the hubby woke up my attractive, snoring self at about 1:30am with a towel in hand. It was slightly damp, but I didn't care.

After recounting our first-night-at-the-condo-adventure to family and friends over the next few days, several people told us that they would have just used the towels as they originally were: unwashed, stinky and fresh from the box.

Oh, yeaaaah. Why didn't we think of that?