Tuesday, February 21, 2012


After the wedding, the hubby and I were greeted with an overwhelming mound of presents from family and friends.

One of my favorite wedding presents was a pair of green ice cube trays given by one of my high school friends. Ice cube trays?! Now what's so exciting about that?

You see, these aren't just ordinary ice cube trays--they're actually magical. These nifty little things make sure that you produce ice cubes that are perfectly square. Yes, perfect ice cubes! Every. Single. Time.

My cooking is nowhere near perfect, and our house is in desperate need of more than just a "little" cleaning. The one thing I can do for sure, however, is create perfect ice cubes for your drinking pleasure.

Cheers to the little things we can do correctly!


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KRIS V. said...

Cheers to perfect squares! :D